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Main direction of activity of LLC "Proenergy" - designing of overhead transmission lines, substations, and other objects of high voltage electric grid. Design is performed in accordance with current regulations of Ukraine.

At the present time in the LLC "Proenergy" are team of highly qualified, experienced professionals who are ready to perform sections of design documentation. In our work we strive to combine established engineering and technical solutions of standard design and the experience of previous generations, as well as advanced achievements in the field of electric power industry and construction.

Now in the LLC "Proenergy" formed a group of highly qualified, experienced professionals who are ready to perform the following design documentation:

-Complex designing of TL - designing of 35-750 kV transmission lines, including:
  -Overhead and cabel transmission lines
  -Fiber-optic lines

-Complex designing of substations with voltage 35 - 750 kV:
  -Primary switching
  -Secondary switching
  -Relay protection and automation
  -SCS and AECMS
  -Communication means
  -Construction and structural and sanitary-technical part of the substation
  -General plan and transport

SS Designing

SS Design is performed taking into account the features of the existing network, promising modernization of the designed object and special requirements of the Customer.

       Design stages of the SS:

      1. Development of technical specifications.
      2. A survey and analysis of the existing substation (with its reconstruction) and collection of source data.
      3. Development of design and working documentation. Including special chapters:
         · occupational safety during the operation of designed objects;
         · assessment of the impact on the environment
         · construction planning design;
         · object fire protection;
         · energy saving and energy efficiency.
      4. Approval of design documentation with stakeholders.
      5. Obtaining of complex conclusion in the expert organization on the project I-V category of complexity (CC1-CC3 consequences of class).
      6.Transfer of finished construction documents to the Customer.

      According the specification with the customer, we can discuss all the important points in substation designing, and all works will be performed in accordance with specified terms and the provision of the necessary documentation.

OTL Designing

     Designing of TL - the most important and time-consuming step, which provides the basis for the construction, repair or reconstruction of the transmission lines. In the process of project designing of overhead power lines is taken into account a number of economic, technical, geological and geodetic factors, as well as requirements of the EIR (Electrical Installation Regulations) and other regulatory documents. In addition, on how correctly will be performed designing of overhead transmission lines, in many ways depends on the reliability of the future grid and the costs of construction and installation works. 

 Designing of overhead lines

Overhead lines (OL) are part of the power supply system, provide the transmission and distribution of electricity.
The structure of overhead line includes:
  ·tower (brackets, racks of engineering structures);
  ·linear the fixtures, insulators, by which wires are attached to towers replacing their facilities;
 ·additional elements ensuring reliability, safety and protection (appliances and materials of lightning protection, grounding, insulation, etc.).

Designing of CL

      Cable lines are used where the the construction of overhead lines is not possible, or to improve the reliability or other factors.
      The structure of overhead line includes:
        ·coupling (joint, termination, transpositional);
       ·additional elements provide the reliability, security and safety (devices and materials of lightning protection, grounding, isolation, switching, etc.)

Drafting of overhead transmission lines

        In compiling the design estimate documentation are accounted:
       · Customer’s technical specification (the length of the lines, their direction, the number of circuits, load, etc.);
       · climatic conditions, for overhead lines (air pollution, wind loading, thickness of wall ice, etc.);
       · geological and geodetic conditions;
       · closeness of the different communications and objects all over the track.

  LLC "Proenergy" designs 35-750 kV overhead lines and 10-330 kV cable lines.