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Geodetic works

Geodesist of LLC "Proenergy" research department - a certified high-level professionals. They work with modern equipment and software, performing a high quality engineering-geodetic surveys and other topographic-geodetic surveying. Materials of geodetic works forming the basis for further planning. Using modern technology allows surveyors to produce competitive product and constantly expand the range of tasks to be solved.

Topographical report of various scales, engineering-geodetic observations, breakdown of geodetic marking basis for construction, drawings of graphics materials and many other geodetic and mapping works surveyors of LLC "Proenergy" perform efficiently and on time, thereby providing a high level of design.

Geologic works

Geologists of LLC "Proenergy" research department - a high- level professional specialists with many years’ experience in engineering research in the field of civil and industrial construction, the areal and linear structures. LLC "Proenergy" geological research group department - develops programs and prescriptions on geological engineering, performs engineering field support, cameral and laboratory work, and independently performs cameral work using modern software. As a result of geological engineering works prepared technical or scientific-technical report. To perform geological-engineering surveys involved the organization of various forms of ownership, with appropriate survey base. To cooperation involved partners that use modern technology that allows geologists of LLC "Proenergy" produce competitive product and constantly expand the range of tasks to be solved.

Our partners perform drilling wells of various types and species, sinking pits, perform static and dynamic sensing. Their geotechnical laboratory is certified, equipment is tested, specialists have appropriate qualification certificate.

 Surveyors of LLC "Proenergy" research department invite to the cooperation and partnership colleagues and customers, looking forward to mutual benefit!